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Our beloved Agony Aunts and Uncles return in a new six-part series covering a diverse range of topics that will get you thinking, keep you wondering and make you laugh. Over the past three years, the Agony Aunts and Uncles have discussed love, life, manners, Christmas and the mind. It’s been funny, emotional and heartwarming. But now it’s time to take aim at society’s most sensitive topics.

From flirting vs sexual harassment, to science vs God, privacy vs security, the bikini vs the burka, private schools vs state to cosmetic surgery vs growing old gracefully—this series is a war of ideas featuring some of Australia’s most entertaining controversialists.

Part of The Agony Series


Amanda BrotchieNicole MinchinAdam ZwarABC: Sophia Zachariou.
Nicole MinchinCo-Producer: Amanda Brotchie
Adam Zwar
High Wire Films