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Play School




The longest running children’s show in Australia, and the second longest running worldwide, Play School is nothing short of an institution. For over fifty years, generations of children have been introduced to the Play School world of imagination, creativity and learning through play.

With a strong core philosophy, Play School has evolved and grown, across the generations and with a changing society – ensuring that it remains a pre-school touchstone for the vast majority of Australian children.

Broadcast three times daily, Play School has new content in constant development. In addition, ongoing events and merchandising programs (encompassing books, music, toys and more) ensure that Play School is a trusted, loved household name.

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Play School: Art Time

Play School: Nursery Rhyme News Time

Stop, Look, Listen HD 45 x 1-2'
A shortform mindfulness program that encourages thinking, feeling and curiosity.

Adventure Series
A standalone series featuring a favourite character embarking on an adventure, accompanied by friendly Play School hosts:

Maurice's Big Adventure HD 12 x 5'
Joey's Big Adventure HD 13 x 4'
Jemima's Big Adventure HD 10 x 3'
Humpty's Big Adventure HD 16 x 4'
Little Ted's Big Adventure SD 20 x 3'
Big Ted's Big Adventure SD 20 x 4'


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